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Since 2005, our educators and scientists have created and taught award-winning STEM enrichment programs for children. Through research, analysis and interaction with more than 150,000 children, we have have developed a unique combination of curriculum, tools and expertise for inspiring curious kids.

Each year, we license a portion of our existing curriculum for use by third parties. To see our current lineup, please visit our curriculum store. You can also see there the details of our license agreement.

Free Activity Database

We also offer a free database of printable activities at

Curriculum Consulting

We also create turn-key private-label STEM enrichment solutions for organizations such as preschools, private schools, day cares, learning centers, and non-profit youth programs. Because we’re not starting from scratch, our solutions are both cost-effective and proven. Our team can do any of the following:

    • Design a kid-sized science lab for your school or center.
    • Create a STEM enrichment program custom fit to your needs.
    • Train your team to offer inspiring hands-on science experiences.
    • Create custom STEM videos, or private-label our existing content for use on your online platforms.

Curiosity Zone programs are designed to inspire the natural curiosity in children. We use fun, familiar, hands-on activities to spark creativity and wonder, and to lay a foundation for lifelong learning. Our programs teach the creative, higher-level thinking skills that are the keys to success in the 21st century. We empower children to be innovative, teaching them to observe, ask questions and wonder, “Why?” We also give children the freedom to fail, because we believe that the best learning happens through mistakes and surprises. More about our teaching philosophy.

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