“This is the greatest program ever! . . . .”

“Best program available. It’s fun, interesting & very educational.”

“The first thing my daughter ever said she wanted to be was a geologist. . .That comes directly from CZ!”

“My daughter has developed a keen interest in the sciences and her world around her. I attribute this excitement and interest to her love of science class at Curiosity Zone. She goes around the house asking questions and saying ‘because I’m curious.’ The curriculum in the Little Lab program is great. It stimulates her science understanding and expands her vocabulary. We love the ‘Word of the Day’ concept.”

“Fun and educational in one awesome package!”

“We are Curiosity Zone fans. I highly recommend the classes. My [preschool] daughter can’t wait to attend class each week. She loves the activities and she learns so much. Her vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds from attending these classes. She also asks so many questions because, as she says, ‘I’m curious — like the Captain.”
“My [preschool] daughter looks forward to class every week!”

“Curiosity Zone brings out the innovator in my [preschool] son.”

“My daughter loves everything science-related and this exceeded our expectations!”

“Fostering the ‘why’ in the very young.”

“My daughter absolutely loves science class at Curiosity Zone. The curriculum is perfect for her age and even pushes her a bit beyond with the word of the day. I would highly recommend the program to others. . . . Miss Barbara [the lead Little Lab teacher] is an amazing educator. She has a fabulous and warm way of interacting with the children. I am ecstatic my daughter is in her class.”

“My kids love their science classes. I have a hard time getting them to leave the CZ. It’s an amazing kid friendly place that cares about the kids and teaches them to love science.”

“Little Lab [class] is the best value I’ve spent for enrichment activities for my toddler. Recommend without reservation!” (Rating the class a 6 on a scale from 1-5.)

“This is a great place and the classes are superb.”

“My girls love the Little Lab class. It’s unusual for them to ask when a class starts but they always ask about science class.”

“My son loves his Little Lab class; he looks forward to it all week long. We are really happy we joined Curiosity Zone.”

“It’s helping my son prepare for a classroom environment, while having fun and engaging his brain.”

“Children of any age learn all about their surroundings and more in the most fun, loving and educational atmosphere!”

“I wanted to share this with you: my twins, Domenic & Paul attended several summer camps & had their birthday party at your place in 2005 & 2006. They are now 9 years old and they were conveying, in great detail, just this week, about all of the exciting things they did at all of the camps & birthday party. How many times do you think children can recall, four or five years later, what happened in a classroom? This is testament to how creative and meaningful your methods and subjects are – Curiosity Zone leaves a lasting impression on children.”

“This place is fantastic! It’s the kind of place I wish had been around when I was a kid! The first thing that hits you when you walk in the Curiosity Zone is that everything is kid sized. The doors, the chairs, the big long tables, everything has been designed with kids in mind and the colors are so bright and vibrant! The classrooms are glassed in so parents can stay and watch if they like, this also helps when it’s time to go home. What hits you next are the sounds of kids squealing, singing and cheering over … science! My science classes in school were dreadful and I was lucky if I stayed awake through attendance. These kids were “oohing” and “aahing” over an experiment involving liquids and solids! How do you do that?! The teachers seemed wonderful, sing-songy and just as enthusiastic as the kids were about the experiments. The woman at the front desk was wonderful and before she could get my friend’s child out of class he came running out of the classroom brimming with information about how to make “guk” at home and how he knew the secret recipe and what happens when you dissolve a solid in to a liquid. Seriously, the kid was high on science! . . . .If the Curiosity Zone was around when I was a kid I would have lived there! The Curiosity Zone gets an all caps FIVE STARS!”

“Curiosity Zone is a magical place where real learning happens. I wish the public schools were this inviting.”

“The other day my daughter was standing outside in our culdesac and she gets up on the curb and she’s putting her sneakers on the curb and she wasn’t going anywhere, and she said, ‘Look Mom! I’m making friction. This is friction!’ She learned that when she was 3 and a half – over a year ago – and she still is applying these science concepts into her everyday life, which is amazing.”

“Justin got up and taught his [third grade] class the science lesson his teacher had planned. He loved it, but the truth is he is often bored in class because he mastered the concepts years ago at Curiosity Zone. He loves science — just craves more stimulation in school.”

“I was at the playground with Duncan [a 3 year old] a few weeks ago. He was on top of a slide, and shouting ‘Mommy! Mommy! What do I have?’ I had no clue what he was talking about until he shouted “potential energy!” Then he went down the slide, and said, ‘Now I have kinetic energy!’ He had learned those concepts weeks earlier at Curiosity Zone. Not only did he understand what the concepts meant, he was able to apply them weeks later.”

“I just wanted to give you my testimonial. Noah has been going to Curiosity Zone since he was a baby when you first opened and offered toddler classes. Noah has taken classes and done camps at Curiosity Zone at intervals when our schedules and finances permitted. He is now in Kindergarten and we just received his report card last night with an O+ (Outstanding Plus: the highest mark) by it for Science. All of his other marks are high as well, but his science grade was his one grade that he made him so pleased with himself. It really helped as a parent to have a syllabus for his classes, so we could go to the library and find books on the topics before he had his class on the topic. Then the hands on learning that he received at CZ was the true comprehension component that one cannot receive from books alone. They didn’t have science at the beginning of the year, they just started this past quarter. They had social studies the first two quarters. He really likes school since they have started science. I know that I have a lot to thank CZ for this!”

“We took the boys to the Baltimore Aquarium two weeks ago and we were standing at the Octopus tank and they had a volunteer talking about Octopus. [M]y very shy 6 year old raised his hand and walked forward and said to the man, an Octopus has three hearts. The man said to him you are right! That is awesome, how did you know that. My husband and I were very shocked and he looked at the man and said Curiosity Zone (as in of course where else would I have learned that and rolled his eyes). He said he learned it in camp last summer. I can’t get him to tell me what he did in school that day, but Octopus hearts he is all over!”

“This course was excellent! (Age appropriate and exciting!) As an educator myself, I am sometimes overly critical of such activities. However, this course gets excellent reviews. My son looked forward to class each week and continued the activities at home throughout the following week. We’ve become C-Zone ‘groupies.’ Thanks so much!!”

“Curiosity Zone classes have broadened our daughter’s learning experiences in the science field through experiments and activities that are challenging, engaging, fun and educational. We are very excited to have introduced many new concepts to her at such an early age. There is nothing else like the C-Zone around!”

“We really feel that participation in this program has given our son a head start in appreciating the beauty of science!!”

“Cam won the science award at his preschool – largely because of the classes he took at the Curiosity Zone.”

“[My daughter] had an absolute blast in her Chemistry class. The enthusiasm she has for science and doing experiments is amazing.

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