Outdoor Camp FAQs

Who are your teachers?  Curiosity Zone is known for its warm, wonderful, smart teachers. Camps will be lead by certified teachers and subject-matter experts.

Do you provide snacks, lunch and drinks?  Every child has his or her own preferences, so we ask that you please provide lunch and snacks along with a refillable water bottle.  Please be sure your containers are labeled with your child’s name.  We do not have a refrigerator, so please do not send anything that needs to stay super cold.  Also, out of consideration for the many kids with peanut allergies, we ask that you please not send in food with nuts. 

Do you provide transportation?  We are currently working on transportation solutions.

What happens if it's insanely hot?  Our large outdoor pavilion tent will provide plenty of shade and cool air on even the hottest days.  But if we think a child is in danger of being overheated, we also have access to the vineyard's indoor, air-conditioned space.

Will the kids have enough shade?  Our large outdoor pavilion tent will provide plenty of shade.  There are also many large shade trees on the property.

Will it be buggy?  According to the owners of Notaviva (who have their own young children), the property is not particularly buggy.  We do want campers to wear bug spray to protect them from ticks, however, and we will be sure to stay out of tall grass and similar areas where ticks could be hiding.

What precautions will you take to keep kids safe around the pond?  Campers will be under constant supervision and will stay in designated play areas.  We will only play near the pond during pond-specific activities.

Will there be any swimming?  Children will not be allowed to swim or wade in the pond.

What are your first aid and emergency procedures?  The Curiosity Zone has a written set of first aid and emergency procedures on which our counselors are trained.  We’d be happy to provide a copy for you to read.

What should my child wear?  Campers should wear playground clothes, comfortable shoes and plenty of sunscreen and bug spray.  They should also bring a hat and a change of clothes, including shoes and socks.

What is the fee for extended care?  $40 per week/per child.

Will you hold a spot for me?  Unfortunately, we can't.  Your registration is not complete until we have received all required paperwork and full payment.  Registration is subject to availability.

What is your refund poilicy?   Camps may be refunded or changed with no fees until June 1.  No refunds after June 1, but switching camps is OK, subject to availability, with a $50 switch fee.

What if we miss a day of camp?  We do not offer refunds or makeups for missed camp days.  

Can you give my child medicine?  Our insurer prohibits us from storing or administering medicines to campers. This includes EpiPens. However, you are welcome to send an EpiPen with your child, if he or she is able to self-administer it, and we will keep it in a safe place. Possession of prescription drugs (other than an EpiPen or an inhaler) by children during camp poses a hazard to other children and is therefore not allowed.  We also cannot participate in toileting; all campers must be toilet trained.

If I am paying by check, who should I make it out to and where should I send it?  Curiosity Zone Science LLC, 525-K East Market Street #195, Leesburg, VA  20176