Our Philosophy

Our core beliefs are:

  • Everyone is a scientist -- especially children, who are born naturally curious.

  • Science is about questions, not answers. 

  • Science is in everything, all the time.  It is not something you memorize for a test or leave at school in a book. It is not something scary, hard and boring, or something only adults can do.

  • Children learn through their environment.  Like the Suzuki Method for early music education, exposing children to STEM concepts and vocabulary from the earliest possible age lays a powerful foundation for lifelong learning. 

  • Children learn through doing.  Our programs are child-directed; adults are facilitators, but the children are the scientists.

  • STEM subjects should be taught as an interconnected whole, with emphasis on problem-solving and creative applications.  For example, combing engineering, physics, and chemistry to create a new lightweight building material that will allow space travel to Mars.

  • Diversity of thought is essential to discovery.

  • Failure, when embraced and combined with learning, leads to advancement.

  • Kindness and respect are fundamental.

We have tremendous anecdotal evidence of our success in inspiring and educating young children. Please take a minute to read a few of our unsolicited customer stories.