DISSOLVE A SEASHELL  more experiments

As demonstrated by Miss Mary on Let's Talk Live.



Disposable water bottle


Directions:  Place a seashell in a glass.  Add enough vinegar to cover the shell.  Watch as gas bubbles begin to accumulate around the shell.  Within 24 hours, you should see marked deterioration of the shell.  Depending on the size, the shell should completely dissolve within a few days.

To measure how much carbon dioxide gas is being created by the chemical reaction, do the following:  break up the shell and place in a water bottle, cover with vinegar, then attach a balloon to the top of the bottle.  The balloon will capture the gas from the reaction.  The degree to which the balloon expands lets you know how much gas has been given off.

Science:  Shells are made up primarily of calcium carbonate.  This is a basic material that will react with an acid, such as vinegar.  When a base and an acid react, carbon dioxide gas is released. 




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